Our 3 Choices for the Best Handgun Safe

When I was a child, my father and grandfather kept their guns in beautifully crafted wood gun cabinets.  Theu had clear glass panes in the doors so that you could politely view and admire a man’s gun collection. Unfortunately, times have changed and now, owning a gun safe is more of a necessity than it is an option.  With violent crime seemingly continuously on the rise, criminals would like to steal your handgun now more than ever before! Consequently, we have chosen what we feel are the three most recommended handgun safes based on reputation, ease of use, and value for the money.

Our first choice on our list of the top three pistol safes is the Gunvault GV2000C-DLX Multi-vault Deluxe Gun Safe. Gunvault pistol safes are truly premium products that set the standard for the rest of the industry. Security wise, the Multi-vault Deluxe Gun Safe features 16 gauge steel construction. Also, it features a high strength locking mechanism and precise fittings that are virtually impossible to pry open with hand tools. In addition, audio feedback confirms each correct keypad entry, and a built-in computer blocks access after repeated, invalid, keypad entries. Plus, a tamper indicator notes invalid entry attempts. Last, a motion detector with audio alarm helps guard against direct tampering.

Feature wise, this safe is not only very secure, it is very easy to open thanks to the Gunvault’s patented, “No-Eyes Keypad” which provides lightning-quick access, even in the dark.  With over 12 million user selectable access codes available, it is extremely unlikely that someone would be able to “hack” your access code. In addition, it also features a “silent mode” that allows you to operate the keypad without audio confirmation of the correct entry sequence for purposes of stealth in an emergency situation.

This safe features a foam lined interior to protect your valuable handguns.  It has a single, interior, shelf that divides the interior space equally so that you have a place to store more than one handgun and/or other valuables in a single safe. The safe is battery powered for maximum security and easy portability and it includes an interior courtesy light and a power connection jack for an external AC or DC power supply.

Our second choice on our list of the top three pistol safes is the Gunvault GV1000D Mini Vault Deluxe Gun Safe. There again, we have chosen Gunvault because of its long standing reputation as a high quality product and because of its proven “No-Eyes Keypad” entry system.  This system enables the user to feel the buttons with the tips of their fingers, and by depressing the buttons in the correct order, open the safe door. However, the main difference between the GV2000C-DLX mentioned above and the GV1000D mentioned here, is that the above listed model is significantly taller and has a single, interior, shelf; thus providing two separate compartments.  Whereas, the GV1000D mentioned here is not as tall (5 1/4” instead of 8 1/4”) and thus, it only has one compartment with enough interior room for a single hand gun and an extra magazine.  But, it will also fit in a smaller space. Otherwise, the features are identical to the GV2000D.

The last choice on our list of the top three handgun safes is the Grizzly Biometrics Pistol Box. We have chosen this particular pistol safe as our third choice on our list of top three pistol safes because, with a height of only 2”, it is much slimmer than either of the two Gunvault safes mentioned above. Thus, it is far more easily transported. For instance, this safe could easily be placed in either your briefcase or your purse until you reach your vehicle where you could then slide it under the seat for quick but secure access to your handgun. In addition, this safe features a Biometric Locking Mechanism that scans, and then stores, your fingerprints so that when you want to open the safe, all you have to do is place your fingertips on the keypad and the scanner will automatically unlock the safe for you (providing that your fingerprints match one the 100 fingerprints the safe’s internal computer is capable of storing). Consequently, it is the perfect safe for transporting your handgun in your vehicle.

So, while there are many excellent handgun safes on the market today, the three mentioned above just happen to be our choice for the top three based upon reputation, user friendly features, functionality, and construction materials. Thus, we apologize if we have failed to mention your favorite handgun safe and, in no way do we intend to demean or disparage any of the other brands or models of handguns safes on the market today.